David Binns

For many years David Binns made sculptural work that involved adapting clay bodies with additions of aggregate materials, polished post-firing. More recently however, he has felt a need to re-connected with the fundamentals of ceramics; involving a more direct and intimate contact with the clay, and for the first time in his ceramic career, exploring both the vessel and glaze.

Binns’ working practice combines elements of control and spontaneity, exploring how glaze reacts over differing clay bodies and cut and textured surfaces. Inspiration is drawn from contemporary architecture and natural landscape, whilst being shaped by a deep respect for the fundamental principles of Japanese aesthetics. He hopes that his work alludes to the bold drama and visual richness of natural landscape, whilst simultaneously conveying feelings of simplicity, solitude and quietness.

Binns has participated in numerous international exhibitions and symposiums and his work is featured in many international collections and publications. He is Professor of Contemporary Ceramics at the University of Central Lancashire and a member of the UNESCO International Academy of Ceramics.