Disa was born in London and grew up in Barbados . She studied jewellery at Middlesex University and then did a Post Grad diploma at Edinburgh College of Art & Design. She set up a workshop in Barbados and then returned to London in 1996 where she currently designs and make precious jewellery. 


This special island has influenced her jewellery designs, visible in her use of colourful gemstones. Disa personally selects each stone such as golden citrines, warm garnets, rubies, sapphires and morganites. Disa is very inspired by ancient talismans and the imagined histories found in historical jewellery. Inspiration is taken from Egyptian, Roman, Etruscuan and Roman pieces to create jewellery with a unique, timeless patina and an organic nature at its heart. 


Forging, Reticulation, Patination are all techniques that Disa uses in her collection, using precious and semi-precious gemstones to add colour to the work. Her travels to East Africa and her origins in Barbados can be seen in her use of gemstones, with golden citrines, rich garnets, rubies and sapphires being just a few of the stones that she uses. White and coloured diamonds are set on unique bands while rough and rare cut gemstones make Disa's work contemporary and current while maintaining a timeless charm. Sustainability is at the centre of her practice: she only uses traceable precious stones and recycled gold and silver. 


Disa has been a regular participant of the Goldsmiths' Fair, London and has an esteemed private client list who visit her in her London workshop. All work is individually handmade in her London workshop.