Donna Brennan is a Fine Art Jeweller and Photographer. Her extensive training across the expanded field of the arts has conferred a cross-disciplinary approach to photography and wearable sculpture, crafting a narrative from image to object which blurs the dichotomy between Fine Art and Applied Art.

Fine art trained with a focus on photography, she gained a BA in Fine Art with Distinction in Goldsmithing and Sculpture, from RMIT, Australia in 1991. She has been based in London since 2000, and was awarded an MA with Distinction from the Royal College of Art, London in 2010. The cross-pollination of her fine art training with the applied arts forms the basis for the border-crossing approach in her work.

Surrounded by an abundance of unique nature during her youth in Australia has proved to be an instrumental influence in her organic nature/artifice aesthetic, which explores the strange beauty in botanical forms.