Archive Works From The King Of British Woodturning

Bert Marsh ( 1932 - 2011 )

Bert Marsh was known throughout the woodturning world as one of the world's supreme woodturners, an inveterate story-teller, and mentor for many of today’s top turners. 

Building upon our long relationship with Bert and his family we are honoured to have received a number of archive works into the gallery from his estate.

These exceptional pieces are now available in the gallery and on the website.

Bert Marsh Collection

His work is featured in permanent exhibits in the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Smithsonian Museum.


"From an early age, I have felt a profound need to work with wood; I love the material passionately. There is no complex philosophy attached to my work I do; I am simply striving to achieve the perfect form, the purest possible curves expressed in simple, uncluttered shapes that will expose the beauty of the wood to the full. In seeking that goal I find my inspiration in many everyday objects, but most of all I am inspired by the wood itself." ....Bert Marsh

25 January 2024