Magical Jewellery from Sea to Stars

Jewellery that dazzles in fine silver and gold. Beautiful heirloom pieces for special events, weddings or just because.

Using ancient and cutting-edge techniques, our jewellers tranform fine metals and natural materials sourced from the sea to the deep earth into timeless pieces, each imbued with the attentive passion for process of the craftsperson. 


Claire Underwood

Currently based in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi, Claire Underwood's new Sea Foam  jewellery collection is a magical concoction of pearls and silver. Her earrings, rings and necklaces make perfect bridal jewellery, seeming to float out of a cloud of ocean mist.The naturally uneven shapes of Keshi and Baroque pearls are complemented by articulated silver bubbles which lightly sway as you move.



Louise O'Neill's jewellery is a masterclass in balance, setting precious stones such as diamonds and tourmalines in restrained designs in high carat gold and fine silver. Drawing on the mobile works of artist Alexander Calder, the architectural forms of O'Neill's Calder Earrings emanate elegance in soft brushed gold, while the Horizons Necklace transforms the visual language of modernist abstract painting into a wearable piece of art.



Kelvin J Birk

Kelvin J Birk's new collection of 18 carat gold earrings are freeformed, allowing the material to dictate the look and form of each piece. Some are lacy and leaf-like, while others appear to melt into drips and droplets studded with diamonds and sapphires, but each is a record of a material frozen in motion, of the unexpected and unpredictable.



Every piece by Josef Koppmann exudes elegance and cool. Richly coloured tourmalines, agate and diamonds meet glimmering 24 carat gold in statement cocktail rings and unforgettable necklaces. Geometric shapes and architectural forms lend his pieces an edge that brings ancient goldsmithing techniques firmly into the 21st century.


Catherine Hartley

Borrowing inspiration from the sky, clouds and the cosmic origins of metal, Catherine Hartley's elegant jewellery pieces embrace the inherent beauty of silver, the simplicity of her forms allowing the materials to shine. The dappled faces of her Cosmos rings combine fine silver and 22 carat gold into surfaces which recall the earth and the skies.


22 July 2023