Sustainable jewellery from recycled materials

Something Old, Something New

Recycled precious metals, ethical practices, sustainable gemstones: in recent years there has been more inquiry than ever into how jewellers can create pieces which have the fine, precious quality which makes jewellery so special while engaging in ethical, sustainable practices. For some of our jewellers, this means sourcing used materials to reduce the mining of new precious metals and give old materials a new lease of life, while for some it means learning new techniques to ensure their jewellery lives up to their own ethical standards.


All of the jewellers featured transform recycled materials into exquisite jewellery which does not cost the earth and can be worn for many lifetimes.


Malcolm Betts 

Bespoke making and ancient techniques are at the heart of each of Malcolm Betts pieces, which are all made by hand in his studio in Notting Hill. Here, ancient diamonds, sapphires and rubies are transformed by centuries-old techniques into timeless pieces which bring glamour to the everyday. Ethical sourcing of materials sits at the centre of his practice: conflict-free diamonds are carefully sources, while old stones from around the world are given space for their history to shine by being set into gold and platinum using a meticulous hand-hammering technique. This gives his pieces a unique organic feel which sets them apart as contemporary heirlooms.


See our collection of Malcolm Betts' work here.


Hendrike Bars-Metzler

Hendrike Barz-Metzler has thought deeply about the ethics of jewellery-making, carefully considering the human and environmental cost of mining practices from which most commercial metals and precious stones are sourced. This motivation has shaped her own practice, and she has now mastered the anicent Korean Keum-Boo technique, which offers a more environmental alternative to gold-plating. Her sleek, contemporary sterling silver shapes meet gold foil recycled from the dental and electronics  industries to create jewellery which are a delicate and beautiful statement of ethical commitment.


See our collection of Hendrike Barz-Metzler's work here.


Sian Evans

The thread of ancient history has run through Sian Evans' work from its inception, drawing upon archaelogy and historic casting techniques to create jewellery which fuses ancient and modern, giving a new life to recycled metals and stones. Much of her practice uses the principle of closed-loop sustainability: jewellery is created from recycled metals sourced from exchanging work for old or broken jewellery from clients. Her Sands of Time collection casts recycled gold into contemporary interpretations of classical forms, while the Tanis collection polishes found stones into smooth shapes whose ring and layers echo the strata of history. 


See our collection of Sian Evans' work here.

29 April 2023