Daphne Krinos

Bespoke Handmade Jewellery

Stunning bespoke handmade jewellery from Daphne Krinos available in the gallery and online.

Unique jewellery pieces formed from  oxidised silver, recycled gold, precious and semi precious stones.

Distinctive high quality pieces that have earned her a global profile, her work being bought by international collectors and stocked in galleries throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Japan.



Daphne Krinos is inspired by London, where she lives. She works directly with metal, the material with which she feels most at ease. Several collections are designed using stones as a starting point, exploring different methods to hold them in order to show their best potential. This sometimes involves using traditional setting techniques, but also pushes Krinos to be more inventive. She loves gold for its light absorbing quality when it is unpolished. When silver is used, it is usually heavily oxidised, reminiscent of ironwork, giving her jewellery a graphic, drawing-like quality and which accentuates the colours of the stones she uses. 
Daphne's playful character shines throughout the work; every piece displaying fresh ideas and exploring processes.



Originally from Greece, Daphne established her studio in London in the early 1980s. Her distinctive work has captured a broad and loyal following.

7 December 2022