Apply to be a CAA Maker Member

To be eligible for CAA membership you must be a professional craftsperson living and working in the UK, and working in one of the following disciplines: ceramics, furniture, glass, jewellery, metal, paper, textiles, wood.


Applications are considered once a year. Selection of members is by a panel of professionals made up of CAA employees and maker members. If you would like to apply to be a member, please download the Membership  Information Pack and complete the Application Form below.

Please send your application by email to reach CAA by 5 SEPTEMBER 2022. 

Before sending your application, you are strongly advised to visit the venue and/or website to understand the level of work required for CAA.  Please also ensure that you are eligible for membership. Please download our Membership Information PDF to recieve all informaition on eligibility, membership benefits and full application process.

You must include the following in your application:


1.  Completed application form 


2.  Recent CV  


3.  Artist’s statement 


4.  Technical notes  


5.  8 digital images .  


6.  £25 administration fee 

CAA Membership Information Pack
CAA Membership Application Form 


Please DO NOT send any additional information unless specifically requested from CAA. 



Send all completed applications to: 

26 July 2022