Sian Evans is a British Jewellery designer, from Dorset, living and working in London. She studied jewellery design, silversmithing and goldsmithing and has won design awards for her fashion and fine jewellery design. For 13 years she was Senior Lecturer at BA Jewellery Design, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, She left UAL at the end of 2014 to pursue her design practice further. She now regularly works as a jewellery design consultant and creates fashion, fine and bespoke jewellery.

Sian’s work is inspired by interests in archaeology, fashion, geology nature and sustainable technologies; the history of tools, materials and making have informed her collections since she started her creative practice in 1986 .

Sian Evans Jewellery was first established in 1986, developing into an international label during the 1990s. The jewellery collections sold globally. 

During the 2000s and until the end of 2014, the studio was used for testing and experimenting antique goldsmithing techniques, design development and commissions.

Recent Collections

The Fine Jewellery collections feature the mark of the makers hand, and time. Sian’s interest in ancient jewellery technologies and archaeology informs the qualities inherent in her gold jewellery. The jewellery is sensual, designed to be worn and to improve with time.

Fashion jewellery collections Botany and Pars Pro Toto were launched at Paris Fashion Week in 2017 and 2018 . In both collections Sian has developed technology to create original brightly coloured jewellery with a new lustrous surface reminiscent of petals. Both collections are made using coloured aluminium and gold plated elements. 

Collections launched in November 2019, Meta and Phylogeny, are entirely made using recycled metals that Sian has collected by swapping and bartering her work for old or broken pieces of jewellery from her customers in a closed loop sustainability system.

In 2021 Tanis was launched at The Goldsmiths’ Fair, a collection using recycled 18ct Gold with Agates and Jaspers found in the UK , carved by Sian.

All our jewellery is handmade in London. We have some jewellery in stock, if its out of stock, it is made to order for you. In our webstore there are fine and fashion jewellery collections, occasional limited editions.  

In addition to producing the work seen here, Sian designs and makes custom bespoke jewellery and special projects with clients, artists and designers.


Sian uses ancient jewellery making and casting techniques at our atelier workshop. We work ‘at the bench’, a way of working that goldsmiths have practised for hundreds of years. Our hand tools haven’t changed much, a medieval jeweller would recognise much of what we do. These ancient hand making techniques are used to create our gold jewels. The skill and craftsmanship required to make the jewels at Sian Evans takes many years to acquire. Sian spends most of her days in the workshop with her jewellers, passing on her 35 years of goldsmithing knowledge.

Sian  innovates and develops new ways of creating form in metal. We develop technologies to create our jewels. Our fashion jewels are created using computer aided design, water-jet cutting, electroplating and anodising, in addition to our ancient jewellery making techniques.


We use recycled and recyclable materials, metals and stones. We like to know where our materials have come from, to make informed choices that protect the environment and people. We use fair and safe working practices. Our staff are diverse and employed for their skill and attention to detail. We work only with trusted suppliers and makers, that are local and can help facilitate our high standards.